National Water Academy,Pune

Secretary DoWR, RD & GR

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Ms. Debashree Mukherjee (Secretary DoWR, RD & GR)

Chairman Central Water Commision

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Shri Kushvinder Vohra (Chairman,CWC)

Chief Engineer

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Shri.D. S. Chaskar (Chief Engineer)

About National Water Academy, Pune

National Water Academy (NWA), Pune under Central Water Commission, which is an attached office of Department of Water Resources, RD & GR (DoWR, RD & GR), Ministry of Jal Shakti is functioning as 'Centre of Excellence' in the field of training and capacity building of professionals and all other Stakeholders.

NWA, Pune is a Central Training Institute (CTI) mandated to conduct Induction Training Program for Central Water Engineering Services Group 'A'& Group 'B' Officers; Training Programs for Group A & Group B Officers; Capacity Building for Stakeholders in the field of Water Resources Development and Management; core area trainings; training on areas of emerging technologies, purpose-oriented training; Mass Awareness Programs for School Teachers; NGOs; Media Professionals, PRI's etc; Demand Based Programs for Indian and Foreign Nationals etc. In addition, objectives of the Academy include assistance to State Govt institutes for their specific training needs and collaboration with international agencies for training & other purposes. NWA, for over last 33 years, is addressing the wider training needs of water resources professionals and other stakeholders.

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Organizational Structure

The NWA is headed by a Chief Engineer and has eight other core faculty members. The core faculty comprises of CWES (Central Water Engineering Services-Group 'A') officers who have long practical experience in Water Resources Development and Management. The guest faculty comprises of academicians and scientists of eminence from premier Research Centers and Universities in India, as well as practicing professionals and specialists drawn from other organizations and agencies.

Objectives and Roles

The NWA is envisaged to function as 'Center of Excellence' for in-service training of water resources engineering personnel. The broad objectives of NWA are as under:

☛To organize specialized courses for Group 'A' and 'B' officers of Central and State agencies
☛ To arrange National / Regional Seminars and Workshops on key issues of water resources development / subject areas for the benefit of Senior level officers (CE's / E-in-C / Secretary) of State / Central agencies
☛To provide assistance to Central and State Government organizations and their training institutes on their specific training needs.
☛To develop and maintain linkages with leading institutions in India and abroad dealing with training related activities in water resources sector for sharing the expertise.
☛To conduct training in advanced methods of structural analysis and design.
☛To develop training modules / case studies on new emerging technology like GIS applications in water resources.
☛To organize Induction Training for newly appointed Assistant Directors / Assistant Executive Engineers of Central Water Engineering (Group 'A') Services.
☛To organize induction / orientation training to newly appointed / promoted Group 'B' engineering officers of CWC.
☛To organize Re-orientation Courses for officers promoted from Group 'B' to Group 'A' of Central Water Engineering Services.
☛To undertake Induction Training of newly appointed Group 'B' / Group 'A' officers of state water resources department / Central agencies on their request, where such training facilities are not available.

e-Learning Programme

Since its establishment, in May 1988, the Academy periodically assessed the training needs in water sector of India and kept adding in it's user base(s), disciplines, pedagogy and institutional linkages. In 2012, NWA was recognised as "Regional Training Centre" of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and started conducting programmes in Distance Learning mode, on regular basis (a) Basic Hydrology and (b) Advanced Hydraulics (WMO), for participants from South Asian countries.

During 2020, collaboration has been developed with International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (ICID) and an International certificate course on "Micro-Irrigation Systems" has been started (ICID Course). Further, in COVID-19 pandemic situation, NWA quickly shifted all its Training & Capacity building activities to on-line mode from March 2020 by using easily available tools. A total of 83 programs ranging from duration of 1 day to 15 weeks were conducted. The number of participants increased to more than nine times of average number of participants of earlier years.

Further to increase its reach, the Academy has launched this e-learning portal. NWA e-learning courses are flexible for acquiring knowledge anytime, anywhere keeping in mind the needs of geographically dispersed audience. The e-learning contents are created in interactive multimedia; PDF files etc., and integrated with customized Learning Management System (LMS) based on open source platform "Moodle". The user registration and joining in a particular course is developed inside Moodle LMS for proper user management. The hardware infrastructure is setup for unlimited concurrent learners with 100 Mbps Internet connectivity which is fully scalable to serve more number of participants.